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AdviseWell, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation focusing on improving the quality of health and health care ​by using collaborative ​relationships to advise and enable change. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, the company was founded in 1986 as Louisiana Health Care Review until changing names in 2009 to eQHealth Solutions. In 2020 the for-profit side of the company was sold, and the nonprofit’s name was changed to AdviseWell, Inc.

Since 1986, AdviseWell has become a recognized leader among providers and physicians in designing and implementing health care quality improvement programs; in addition, has a proven authority in analyzing health data, providing decision support tools to health care providers, purchasers, and consumers seeking to improve health care quality and effectiveness. 

AdviseWell has held the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) grants in Louisiana since 2009, Mississippi since 2015, and Georgia since 2018.  Historically for a period of time the company also held the SMP grants in Florida and Wisconsin. 

Our staff and our highly trained volunteers conduct outreach to Medicare beneficiaries in their communities through group presentations, exhibiting at community events, answering calls to the SMP help line and one-on-one counseling. Our primary goal is to teach Medicare beneficiaries how to protect their personal identity, identify and report errors on their health care bills, and identify deceptive health care practices, such as illegal marketing, providing unnecessary or inappropriate services and charging for services that were never provided.

With over 14 years of experience with the SMP program collectively, the AdviseWell staff is well-informed in the need to protect today’s Medicare beneficiaries from fraud and scams by providing targeted outreach, counseling, and customized education to the states we serve.

Meet the Team

Sonja Landry
Executive Director AdviseWell, Inc, and SMP Program Director
Monique Thomas
Assistant Program Director
Johnetta Red
Complex Interactions Specialist
Sunny Lawless
Volunteer Coordinator
Keith Havins
Media Outreach Specialist
Louise Bourgeois, R.N.
Data Quality Specialist, QA


Nathan Coflin
Community Outreach Specialist
Brenda Garrett
Community Outreach Specialist
Sharmori Lewis
Community Outreach Specialist
Jose Pinto
Community Outreach Specialist


Sandra Coburn
Community Outreach Specialist
Yulandera Moody
Community Outreach Specialist


Danae Brown
Community Outreach Specialist
Danielle Guillory
Community Outreach Specialist
Jeanette Ringo
Community Outreach Specialist